The Perfect Swim Suit For Your Body Type

Let's go shopping for a new swim suit!
It's time to retire your old swim suit and spend a buck and buy that cool, sexy, flattering bathing suit for the rest of summer. It's a pefect time to shop for a new bathing suit since most stores are having great sales. Get out there and look! It may not always be fun to try on numerous bathing suits but with the tips below, it should point you in the right direction and save you some time.

First, think about your body type.
  • Are you pear shaped?
  • Apple shaped?
  • Are you fuller on top and slender through the hips?
  • Are you fuller in the bottom area and need a little "something, something" to help you feel more comfortable?
Every suit is different and you need to know the basics about the design of each suit and what type of body it will flatter most.

1. Halter-tops or molded under wire cups are suitable for those with a full bust.
Woman with full breasts should look for a swimsuit that supports them nicely. One alternative is to wear a bathing suit or two-piece that sports one color on the top and another on the bottom. The most suitable swimsuits will be the ones with halter-tops or molded under wire cups to keep everything in place. An additional strap across the back or along the bust line for additional support is also a great idea. This will give them a more proportionate look. If you like to do sports at the beach or at the pool, the more support you have the better. Halter tops also are very flattering for nice toned arms. However, if you have a small bust area, go for a padded bikini top and try enhancing your bottom area with nicely detailed bottoms. Use the same pattern for top and bottoms. There are so many cute pattern out this summer…you can really have fun picking one out!

2. Boy cut bottoms for those with fuller bottoms are flattering.
Boy cut bottoms will minimize the large hips and give an illusion of a proportionate rear end. Apart from being comfortable, they look really cute. Avoid the revealing bottoms that will make you uncomfortable. Bright colors for the top are a nice treat for the eyes. That will help in drawing attention from your rear end. Diagonal prints will do the job for you. Whether you have a lot of junk in the trunk, big thighs or both, there are bathing styles that suit this body type. You should draw attention away from the lower part of your body by wearing tops that enhance your upper body with things such as halters, padded and push-up tops. Printed tops with dark, solid colors on the bottom will automatically cause the eye to move up instead of down. High-cut bottoms can slim large thighs and boy shorts provide excellent coverage. Also try a strapless style to balance out your figure.

3. Wear one piece swim suits to hide a fuller mid-section.
They are many cute and flattering designs. If you've got a little tummy or don't feel secure about your stomach, your best bet is a one-piece swimsuit that offers an empire waist or side shirring. Some styles even have built-in control panels that create a slimming effect. Diagonal lines, patterns, dark colors and high-waistbands are a plus for women who'd prefer their swimsuit to hide their stomach issues. But remember, you don't have to wear a one piece to cover your tummy - there's always tops that take up most of your stomach area. One piece suits are the way to go to create the right kind of impression. They are many cute and flattering designs. Printed swimwear takes away the focus from your tummy area and gives an optical illusion of a slimmer you. Halter suits too are a great bet in hiding your belly and creating an elongation effect.

4. Go for tankini if you have a curvy figure.
If you are curvy, a tankini swimsuit top with hipster bottoms would suit the best. Hipster bottoms won't add to your curves and will be just right. Currently there are many styles that have cute litlle skirt with a built in bottom. They are great for running around the pool or beach. One piece swimsuits with strategic cutouts on the sides might also fit well for a curvy figure.

5. Pick the right plus size swimsuit to look sexy.
With the right type of swimsuit, full figured women can also look beautiful and sexy. Swim wear with horizontal stripes is a big no. Select swim suits that offer an option of mix and match so as to create an impression of well defined curves. As for the colors, stick to dark shades that tend to create a slimmer look. One-piece bandeau will do wonders for a full figure. A hint of sexiness with the semi exposed upper part of the body will make heads turn at the beach or pool side.

6. Small Bust line? No problem!
Look for bathing suit tops that enhance the cleavage you have. Push-ups and padded tops are very popular, and can make you appear larger if you like. If you'd rather not show too much skin, then go for a top that has ruffles or even one with a horizontal neckline. This will draw the attention away from your small chest, but at the same time it gives off the appearance of a fuller bust, which works out for you! Try to avoid tops that have horizontal stripes or patterns, as this can make you appear flatter. Have fun shopping...think about your body type and ask the store clerk for help in selcting the designs that best fit your body. Be confident and have fun. Bathing suits come in all shapes and sizes...just like us! You will find the right fit that makes you feel great.

Hit the beach or pool soon while the summer is here.
Enjoy and embrace it!

by DoTell
posted on 06/22/2009


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