How to Buy And Use Lip Cosmetics: Lipstick, Lipgloss And More

You want sexy lips yet is seems there are a jungle of tubes and pots that are so confusing no one could ever choose from among them. Even if you could, how can you narrow it down to a few so as to at least make it affordable? What are some good pointers?
Judging your coloring: People are unique, they do not all come in one size or color. Even though through artistry you can complement, blend, define or contrast the appearance of things there are limits to this. This is why some colors look , actually, awful on you yet good on someone else. You will want to examine the whole picture to choose any cosmetic wisely. You will want to consider your hair, your skin, your eyes and the whiteness of your teeth, especially when you want to choose lip colors.

Darker colors in lip makeup: Dark lip colors typically work well if you have dark hair, dark eyes or fair to medium skin, if you want a generalized analysis, and not be so flattering on the dark skin tones. Too much of one thing is what happens here.
If you have dark skin you should probably stay away from dark lipsticks. Most people have skin that is either medium, fair or light colored and can use dark lipsticks fine.
Dark lip colors are great for whitening teeth and aside of punk shades like black, many people can use a pretty shade of dark lip color to do this. If you are a very deep complected person and would love to use dark lip color, choose lip gloss, this reflective light takes away from the darkness and adds some light which will be more flattering for you. People with light palettes from their hair to their eyes sometimes have a difficulty wearing the darkest shades, too. A person with fair or ivory skin, light blue, green or tan eyes, and light blond or red hair may have to line their eyes heavily to pull off a dark shade of lip makeup. A better idea could be to use dark gloss instead just like the dark skinned person, the reflective light helps you pull off the look.

Pale Easter Shades? Sweet confectionery colors or "Easter Shades" in lipstick or pencil can be tricky to use. They often create the problem of creating for the wearer a ghost like appearance. Also, these shades can easily make anyone who hasn't just went through three boxes of Crest White strips have yellowed looking teeth.
What helps is looking for light colors with a yellow low light like pale coral, tangerine or champagne. You may be surprised as well that these shades create a pink or beige appearance once you apply them. Another thing to investigate are the violets, orchids and lavenders. These colors contain blue which enhances the white in a person's teeth. These colors, in particular in pastel versions, go great in your lipstick pouch. In pastel versions, they substitute for pink lip gloss/stick and they also will perform another cosmetic trick. They make a great lip liner. If you look pretty unlikely in medium tones of lip color, other than browns, cocoas and beiges, a little lavender or orchid liner around your mouth can help you look great in these colors. This is more flattering than a darker tone of lip liner (the way you are supposed to do it). If you look good in these mid-range colors go ahead and line them in a darker version of a matching color. In your case the right way looks best.

What's good about lip liners? A lip liner is supposed to keep lip stick from bleeding, basically, and also it is supposed to enhance your mouth and lip color to an extra degree. A lot of women or especially younger girls bypass lip liner preferring to simply swipe color onto their mouth from a tube, pot or brush in a couple of quick movements to the mouth. They think it is too time consuming to bother with lip liners.
It is not so difficult, although to add some lip liner to your makeup routine if you want. And it will stretch out your color palette. Experimenting with different colors of lip liners will help you use up some of the wasted colors that you picked up somewhere that don't look good on you and make them usable by you. If you don't usually bother with lip liner, you could try lining lips for special occasions. Lip liners also are usually a matte color, this, just like dark colors or colors with blue undertones, has a tooth whitening effect.

Metallic Colors and glosses: Everyone can experiment with metallic colors and lip glosses. All people from fair to dark can use these to lend a polished glow to their look. From light applications to intense you can make these work for you. Metallic colors are light reflective much like glosses or any of the lip coatings with a shiny finish such as satin or liquid finish types. These can be used solo or as a top coat. Two neat tricks for metallic lip color use are to line you lips with the metallic and to dab a smidgen of the lip coat on the center of the lower lip. This is often just enough glitter effect. Metallic finishes look sexy, pretty and new if you use them wisely. A trend in metallic cosmetics is the best time for using them freely, however, otherwise you probably want to save this look for evening or beach wear. Glosses can be used anytime, are usually less expensive than lipstick, are as good for your lips as lip stick and often come in flavors, anywhere from root beer and chocolate to strawberry and mango.

The purchase: A nice beginning to your cosmetic bag would be a selection of lip stick and other lip colors that have one dark color, one light color, one gloss, one lip pencil and one metallic. This is quite a lot to buy at once, perhaps. So, narrow down to the shabby chic budget; a lip pencil, a gloss and one light or medium color. Remember to get your lip liner in a shade darker than your main light to medium color or in a pale orchid or lavender shade.
The gloss could simply be a personal tube of Vaseline or whatever appeals to you. You can add dark colors, metallics and other shades of pencil to your collection later. It is not that hard to choose a few lipsticks for your makeup bag. With a few pointers you will have just the right shade on hand instead of a useless clutter of items that you cannot enjoy.

by Intrepidty
posted on 04/26/2009

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