Finding A Modest Bridal Gown

Finding a modest bridal gown or bridesmaid dress can be challenging.

Strapless is definitely "in" right now and it is a trend that does not appear to be going away anytime soon.

If you are uncomfortable in strapless dresses or simply want something a little less revealing for yourself or your bridesmaids on the big day, here are some tips to find that perfect gown.

] Look at shops geared towards women of certain faiths, such as the Church of Latter Day Saints. These churches have modest dress standards for their members, and as a result bridal gowns are tailored to be in accordance with modesty in mind. The dresses will usually have sleeves at least, and some will have a high neckline if that's what you want.
These shops can be found online very easily-a Google search for "modest bridal gowns" yielded at least five different online stores on the first page alone. If you live nearby, many of them will do in-house fittings and alterations, otherwise you can easily buy your gown online and have it altered locally.

2] If you must go to a chain bridal shop or somewhere local, ask if the seamstress can alter the gown so that it has sleeves and a higher neckline. With some dresses this will be impossible to do because of the structure of the gown in question, but it may surprise you at how often these alterations can be done successfully. Small cap sleeves are usually easy to add and fairly inexpensive.

3] If neither of these options appeals to you, why not find a vintage gown? There are plenty of places on the web that sell vintage bridal gowns, and many of these are far more modest compared to the gowns of today. Remember, strapless wedding dresses did not become popular until the late 1990s!

4] As a final resort, it may be easiest to simply go to a fabric shop and find a wedding gown pattern, and then find a seamstress to make it for you. This method can actually turn out to be cheaper by far than buying a gown off the rack and then having it altered, depending on how much the seamstress charges and what type of fabric you want to use. Of course, if you have sewing skills you can sew it yourself, which is probably the cheapest alternative of all! In any case, congratulations on your marriage and good luck in finding the perfect gown!

by xoxokara
posted on 06/30/2009


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