It's Official: Beauty Editors and Bloggers Loved The Motives Muse Event!

As promised, here are some photos from the smash-hit, Motives Muse event, which I held at my penthouse in New York City a few weeks ago.

Me and the lovely Shyema Azam (Marie Claire editor / beauty blogger extraordinaire)
My Three Muses - Ava, Marilyn, and Audrey ;)

The Penthouse

Claudia works her magic as J.R. looks on

The reviews have been pouring in since the event, and it's official -- beauty editors, beauty bloggers, and industry experts absolutely love the line! The latest and greatest review comes via Beauty and the Feast, a popular beauty and lifestyle blog by Marie Claire editor, Shyema Azam.Here's an excerpt from Shyema's blog rave:
"So, I have to admit, when I walked in the place, I automatically assumed this would be another fancy makeup line that no one can afford and I’d really have to dig to find “what’s different.” But the price range is a refreshing $12-$25.And here’s my favorite part — they were making customized foundation right at the event. I was watching the other girls get it done and it was looking really, really good. I was on my way out, but after seeing that I sat to get mine done."Is this great or what!? I'm overjoyed that the Motives "secret" is finally out! For more photos of the fabulous Muse event, check out flick'r.com!

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