Women's Beauty Tips - First Rate Beauty from the First Lady

Since taking office, Michelle Obama’s every fashion choice has been documented and, in a lot of instances, copied. But I actually think her beauty picks have been just as inspiring. Mrs. Obama isn’t afraid to experiment—check out the great eye shadow pairing she’s wearing in this picture! But, as any risk taker can attest, making an experiment work is just as much about knowing when to play it safe. Here, a step-by-step guide to making the First Lady’s glowing, glamorous look your own.

Step 1:
Start with Motives Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation in the correct shade for your skin type. Brush on lightly and be sure to blend evenly. I always use my finger around the nose and along the jaw line, where it’s easy for smudges to form. Let the foundation sink in for a few minutes for a nice dewy effect.

Step 2:
Highlight those cheekbones! Nothing works better than a smile when you’re applying blush. So using Motives Pressed Blush in Runway and a grin dust on a thin layer at an upward angle along your cheeks, concentrating a majority of the color directly below the middle of your eye. Blending is key; you don’t want any defined strokes, or, even worse, circles!

Step 3:
Use Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Pink Diamond, to draw attention to your strong brow line, while opening up the eye. Then apply a darker-but-complementary shade, like Motives Pressed Eye Shadow in Midnight, along your upper eyelid. You want to be pretty heavy handed with the application directly along the lid, and then use a brush to blend up and away from the corner of your eye. You should stop just as the darker shade begins to touch the lighter on the outside.

Step 4:
Apply a thick line of Motives Kohl Eyeliner in Amethyst along the upper lid, but leave the bottom unlined. This is one of those places where you can take a risk with your color selection, but balance that risk by only lining one part of your eye.

Step 5:
Finally, pick a nude-but-not-matte shade for your lips, like Motives Rich Color Lipstick in Pink Sand. You want them to take a back burner to the drama of your eyes.


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