Motives Beauty - Tips to make your lipstick last

Catherine-zeta-jones [Image via InStyle]

Make your lipstick last longer!We all know it’s just not realistic to think you’re going to leave the house in the morning and never have to reapply your lips. But, it is completely possible to make it all the way to lunch—morning Starbucks and all!—without having to fuss with your makeup bag. Here, five steps to the perfect application for longer lasting lip color:
Start with moisturized lips. But don’t pile on a lot of product.
A liner is essential. If you don’t want a bold effect, use a nude shade. The line will keep lipstick from running.
Apply a layer of lipstick.
Blot on a tissue. This will help set the lipstick, and sort of acts as a stain. Resist the urge to press lips together here.
Apply a second coat. Again, do not press lips together. This is the fastest way to remove the color you’re trying to make stay put.Give these steps a try and report back!Lots of love,Loren

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